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Connecting Hyperoptic router to other rooms


In the ONT box you should have a load of cat5 cable, some of which goes to the BT box, others should be just spare or terminated with an RJ45 plug (which should go to the ethernet socket in the living room. All this depends heavily on flat/floor/building/if it was the builders tea break/friday 5pm/etc.wires (1)wires (2)

Behind my AV socket in the bedroom I had 2 spare cat5 cables there, a friend had to use his circuit tester to work out which one goes where.wires (3)

So I bought a new modular faceplate, normal coax for the tv ariel, and wired up the cat5 cable to the newly bought RJ45 socket, then put an RJ45 plug on the other end in the ONT box (to later plug into the hyeperoptic router.

wires (4)

For the bedroom socket I used the following from :
K182WHI – 1 gang, 2 module faceplate
K5845WHI – cat5e rj45 socket
K5850WHI – coax pass-through from living room tv

Did the same for the AV socket in the living room by the TV. However for this one I used the BT cat5 cable to wire it up to the RJ45 ethernet socket. I of course then had to remove this from the BT wiriing connector in the ONT box and put another RJ45 plug on that to go in the router as well.wires (5)

For this living room setup I purchased these parts from Fastlec again:
K184WHI – 2 gang, 4 module faceplate
K5854DABWHI – sat1&2, fm/dab, tv (2module width)
K5850WHI – coax pass-through to bedroom
K5845WHI – cat5e rj45 socket

Final resultwires (6)


It is not easy, especially so if you have no experience with wiring, and touching BT connected stuff can be risky, and there’s exposed 240v terminals in the ONT box, so it’s not without its risks…

Plus you need quite a few tools to do it, thankfully I met up with a friend who had them and helped.
So I would really recommend getting someone who knows what they’re doing to do it.

As a guide, these people I got quotes for when I needed the 2 electric sockets installed into my cupboard – but you’d have to check if they do this sort of BT/Networking sort of work too.


I used E-Class Electricals ( ) to do my electric sockets:

My 2nd option for electric sockets was:
My rate is £50 for the first hour and £30 after that.
Alan. 07971671224
But I never used him.

3rd option, but I didnt use due to price, but it seems they do a lot more things (telephone and AV stuff could be their forte):
£80 per call out and first hour and £50 every hour
after. We are dealing with most of systems starting with the TV/Satellite,
Telephone, CCTV, Access Control, A/V Entry Systems etc. If you need any
other problems feel free to contact us.

Hyperoptic: Installed

It’s done! Strata SE1. FTTH. Up to 1Gb internet. Finally here.

Arrived around 3pm, 1.5 hours later they were gone, and within 30mins later the ‘internet’ light was on and I was off! Top job Rob and Nigel.20130710_204651


Speed Test:
thinkspeed speedtest

Other pics:


Optic fibre testing:
Checking connectivity:20130710_151014 
Media Converter installed:
ONT Box:20130710_203523 
Full install:
Tidied up:
Boxed up:

New cupboard power sockets

I had a double socket installed in readiness for HyperOptic’s install next week.



I used E-Class Electricals ( ).

For my particular layout (xx07) it took 45-50mins.

Cost £39 (I did provide the backbox and double socket front plate myself, and the 30cm of cable he used was free).

He used the existing power from the ONT SPUR plate. And advised me not to use it for anything like a a dishwasher/washing machine/heaters/etc. Anything which draws high current.
What I provided:
K2747 WHI – Double 13A socket (same as used elsewhere (floor 2-10 only))
K2142 RPWHI – Double surface mounting box
Both are MK Electric branded.


I had a 2nd good quote who I didn’t use in the end, but for completeness:

My rate is £50 for the first hour and £30 after that.
Alan. 07971671224

Hyperoptic @ Strata SE1

Hyperoptic – Fibre Optic Internet @ Strata SE1 (May 2013)

Fibre optic service providers ‘Hyperoptic’ are coming to our building! (In May apparently).
They offer us the UK’s fastest residential internet service available.

Their service should finally make use of our pre-installed fibre optic cabling via the ‘ONT’ boxes in our cupboards.

Hyperoptic have posted us flyers advertising the great offer below. This promotion expires on the 20th May 2013. However, they have informed me that if residents register to their service before the 24th June 2013 with my personal referral code:  hyperdamien
They will receive the same benefits:

  • Free Installation – worth £200
  • Free Connection – worth £40
  • Free Broadband for 6 months on any Broadband and Phone package – worth up to £300 (if they subscribe to line rental at just £12.50 per month).

 Standard Subscription Costs Summary


Broadband + Phone

Broadband only


Phone p/m

Broadband p/m

Total p/m

Broadband p/m
















For further detail go to: – and click “Check availability & register now”.

If you have found this information helpful, please use my referral code during registration: hyperdamien

For transparency – I do get a 6 month upgrade for free if I refer 5 fellow residents to their service.

Thanks for reading,

Damien Tombs
Fellow Strata SE1 Resident


Technical info on the router provided: